Brand Vs Atelier

Looking unique & drawing attention is the only mantra of the fashion world.

People are addicted to brand & their lucrative discount sales offer time to time. These days’ offers are so frequent that it’s like sales round the year.

Only reason of this sales are to pull people to make them buy what is out dated fashion. Buying these dresses are of no unique as these are available on every store of the country and frequently one will see that the same dressed by another person which kills the drawing of attention as well the uniqueness.

Dresses available at Atelier – Fashion Store / Studio, are unique by itself as it’s only one unit which is going to be dressed by an individual & which is designed by a Fashion Designer & styled by a Style Editor.

Though this kind a Fashion Store is not for masses hence the designer & the style editor designs the individual apparel with their uniqueness and with personal touch.

Taking Apparel from Fashion Store makes an Individual unique as it’s not available of second piece hence draws attention for longer period.

Ramp Club categories into an Atelier segment who provides Apparel from across the Globe to make your city a fashionable city where Every Individual is celebrity and every apparel is a head Turner one.

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