Fashion Fusion

Fashion & Style goes like Heart & Soul.

“Ramp Club: The Atelier” is a concept in the world of Fashionable apparel.

The concept of “Fashion – Fusion”. It’s a fusion of Asian style in global fashion.

Ramp Club Focuses on Portraying the “High Street Fashion”. We welcome Fashion Freaks to our “Make-Over destination” to become a style icon themselves.

We merge “Style Hangover” with “No Rules” Attitude to bring out the “New You”.

When Ethnic is fused with western design, the outcome is just a “Head-Turner”.

Asian Fashion Designers have designed each of our eye catching apparels. Instead of following a celebrity fashion icon, let other follow YOU.

Let every day be the celebration of fashion. Join our “High Definition Street Fashion” league & standout from the average.

“Deshi-Swag” is the Mantra of the new India.

How a person represents their personality in society through what they wear is “High street fashion”, which captures the boldness & confidence, with a care-free attitude & Style hangover.

Attitude defines personality & we create Attitude through Styling.

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